Apple CEO tells CNN being gay


Apple CEO tells CNN  being gayIn an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed why he chose to be open about his sexuality. He also shared his thoughts on the Trump administration’s policies on tax, trade with China and immigration.

During the interview, Cook said he chose to come out publicly after receiving letters from kids who were “going through being bullied, being pushed out of their homes, very close to suicide”. Cook went on to say, coming out as gay has been “God’s greatest gift” to him as it has given him empathy towards those not in the majority.

On President Trump’s corporate tax cuts, Cook applauds the decision, believing it will help “people invest more in the US.” However, Cook disagrees with Trump’s immigration reduction policies stating “immigration adds to GDP.”

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On a Bloomberg report claiming the Chinese military have used a chip to infiltrated Apple:

“I want to be unequivocal on this, that article and the part about Apple is 100% a lie, it is completely inaccurate, there’s no truth behind it, we never found a malicious chip in any server, we never reported something to the FBI like this, the FBI never contacted us anything like that… my view is, they need to retract that article because this is not doing anyone any good.”

On why he agrees with President Trump’s corporate tax cuts:

“I do believe the corporate portion of the tax cuts is great for the US economy because I think you’re already seeing people invest more in the US, I think it is creating jobs and I do think it has a long tail to it so I applaud them for doing that and I think people will see more returns for that”

On immigration to the United States:

“I’m a big believer in the power of the United States and one the many great things about our country is that we’re accepting of people everywhere and they all come together… I think on DACA, I’m very emotional about this, we have 300 folks at Apple that are here on DACA and these guys are living one court order away from a problem and I’m deeply worried about it. I continue push to talk about this, I believe that the vast majority of people in both parties want to address this, it hasn’t been addressed yet and I’m optimistic that it will be but I’m going to be pushing until it’s done.”

On why immigration is a positive:

“Many people coming in, have emigrated in, are creating jobs because they have ideas to create a new company or they’re participating on the next big thing that creates more jobs and so what I see it loads of people with significant skills coming into this country who add to GDP and so, not only from a humanity point of view but from a business point of view, immigration adds to GDP. It’s very true that the border has to be controlled but the truth is the United States needs large amounts of immigration to grow.”

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